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Sat Shree New Dharma
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About Us

New Dharma is a nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to support the teachings of Sat Shree. New Dharma’s purpose is to inspire mankind to embrace a new consciousness through actively living universal spiritual principles in everyday life. The mission of New Dharma is to manifest a new spiritual culture that is in alignment with universal spiritual principles, and by doing so inspire humankind to create a sustainable future. 

New Dharma is a ‘way’ to live in constant, immediate and direct relationship with the Divine principle that governs all existence. Its purpose is to reveal the eternal path for humankind that takes one from the personal to the impersonal, from the individual to the universal and back again. 

New Dharma is a way of living in alignment with the divine presence that already exists within each of us. It is a path that expands and integrates direct experience and awareness of that transcendent divine principle into the day-to-day challenges and opportunities of individual and collective life.

New Dharma is an expression of the new consciousness that has already descended to the planet. Its purpose is to show a new possibility for humankind that is already striving to manifest itself in the collective consciousness.

Why You Should Join Us

As a member of the Sat Shree New Dharma Community  you become part of a global community of awakened and awakening souls, you:

  • have the opportunity to meet other people who are actively engaged in spiritual discovery and practice
  • can join in with our World Mother Initiative where we are exploring how to correct the imbalance of feminine and masculine in the collective and its impact on the world
  • can join with our youth program that supports young people who are exploring how to embody their awakening in their lives
  • have access to free online meditations and satsangs
  • will be able to access a library of free talks given by Sat Shree on all aspects of the spiritual path and its process
  • have the opportunity to join with other members of the community studying the Bhagavad Gita, the Mother Book and other teachings
  • can participate in various inquiry groups about the nature of truth, God and Life, Truth and Love and many other areas of discovery
  • can participate in a deepening engagement with Sat Shree and his teachings in transformative programs such as a 4-day Deep Dive; 6-day Fire & Heart or a 9-day Silent Reteat.

A Big Thanks

Your participation in the Sat Shree New Dharma community will assist us in creating a way of living in alignment with the divine presence that already exists within each of us so that we can empower the World Mother in Her mission to create a sustainable future for humankind, to create a new generation of spiritual beings who will live a new spiritual consciousness, and to recover the joy in living.

Posting Guidelines

Posting Guidelines

This online platform is offered by New Dharma to support all who long to realize the ultimate truth of your divine nature, and thus your purpose on this planet. We invite you to share insights and revelations that arise along this path, and explorations of the teachings of Sat Shree and his lineage. But we ask you to please refrain from philosophical stances, political opinions, advertisements, promotions, or personal views on current issues. As Sat Shree says of those inclinations, "Let it go, let it be. Stay in the simplicity of your own life." 

Before you post, we invite you to:

  • Imagine you are in a satsang with Sat Shree and the New Dharma community. 
  • Take a breath and connect to your heart’s knowing and your body’s wisdom.
  • Share from your own lived experience. 
  • Connect to the impact of your contribution on this sacred container.

Please note that posts that do not follow these guidelines or that disrespect others or violate someone's privacy may be deleted by site administrators. We thank you for your collaboration and co-creation of this sacred space. 

What we're now seeing here in New Dharma and in the Mighty Networks app, we're seeing a fellowship. We're seeing demonstrations. I watch, I listen. It's one of my greatest satisfactions. It's my Bible, it's my Gita to listen to the song of each of you as you participate with each other in all these various forms that are manifesting. It's the recognition of the fact that we can do this together. That we can create a new relationship with ourselves, with each other, with existence, different than what we thought was possible before. We walk into the wonder of each other, into the recognition of each person's unique journey that they are traveling, in sacred awe and wonder of the particular form of their own transformation that's occurring in their own journey. Holding space, in a shared recognition of purpose, of gathering. 

~ Sat Shree